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Here is a great solution!   Wall mount the DEF pump in a convenient accessible location and just swap the tank, tote or barrels as needed. 

Includes Auto Shutoff DEF Nozzle with stainless steel spout,and keep clean nozzle bag

You can even extend the suction side to put the DEF tank in another room.   Powerful ac pump will deliver 5gpm @14' and pull from -10'.  

Standard 20' 3/4" braided vinyl hose can be extended on installation.  Standard 12' 3/4" filtered suction line can also be extended to fit your application.

The 3/4" line fits most "keg tapper" DEF tote fittings and makes it easy to adapt to your particular tank or barrel via a bulkead fitting.  (Tank adapters not supplied because there are too many styles and threads.)

Please note the pump is not freeze tolerant.   If you expect temperatures below 11F. you will need to pump it dry to survive freezing.


Wall Mount unit dimensions 22" high. 12" wide. 8" depth.   Shipping weight 34 lbs.


Ships with Auto DEF nozzle.  For Manual DEF nozzle deduct $46 but call to order.

Wall Mount DEF pump 115 v AC

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