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Just The Facts

   DEF fluid is not really like fuel.  If you burn 10,000 gallons of diesel fuel your DEF pump will only run about one hour per year!   That said, it is an important hour because you can comfortably hold a 25 lb jug at arms length for about 30 seconds!  After that it makes an awful mess.  Usually the spout falls off.  Jugs don't work. 


   We want you to be aware that pump speeds listed in excess of 5 gpm are irrelevant.  The size of a DEF nozzle opening limits the flow rate to about 5 gallons per minute.

   The intermittent nature of construction and farm use also causes problems with auto shutoff nozzles.  The DEF dries and crystallizes in the venturi tube between uses. That prevents the nozzle from working and the nozzle spout must be placed into DEF fluid to dissolve the deposits and work again.  There are applications where an auto shutoff is needed and we offer it on the external suction pump.  It will not work on the internal submerged pumps due to the 21 psi back pressure requirement and you give up the easy freeze tolerance and must take measures to prevent damage.

   Finally - The Nozzle Bag.   There is almost no other way to keep the nozzle clean.  DEF fluid is like a sticky magnet.  The bag will quickly look awful and crusty but it is vital to keep the nozzle in the bag to avoid inserting dirt, dust and contaminants directly into your DEF tank.

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