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Affordable 12 volt Field Transfer Systems.

50 Gallon High Lift - 12 volt DEF Transfer Tank


Handle DEF from dispenser to equipment easily.  No more jugs!  

High lift pumps will easily service tall combines and high wheel sprayers.

Carries enough DEF to offset 1,000 gallon diesel consumption.


Freeze tolerant 12 volt DEF submersible pump, Filter, DEF nozzle, dust cover,

20' 3/4" hose, waterproof switch, filter and 8' battery leads.

14' Max Lift   avg. 5 gpm output.

Ships fully assembled ready to fill and use in minutes.

Ships UPS.  Canadian customers please call in your orders for accurate shipping quotes.

TIP- These run fine off battery jump packs most people don't use the vehicle battery.

Please note- the freeze tolerant submersible pumps will not operate well with the auto shutoff nozzles.  If you need auto nozzles look at the ANX series.


50 Gallon 12 Volt High Lift DEF Transfer Tank

  • 23"h x 38"l x 19"w

    41lbs empty weight. 

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