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This is the tank people have been asking for!

New 26ANX series - 26 Gallon DEF tank Package with External 12 volt 60psi DEF pump capable of 5 GPM at 14' head.  Reach the top of anything.

Auto Shutoff with Stainless Steel Spout.  20' 3/4" hose with keep clean nozzle bag.  12' Switched  battery Leads. 

Comes with an extra 12' suction hose to serve as a self loading tank.  Attach the hose where the tank suction hose attaches and use the nozzle to fill the tank from totes or barrels that have no pumps.

100 Mesh stainless filter is inside the tank for worry free use.

Measures 24" long x 18 wide x 21 high   35lbs empty weight.  Fits the Insulation bag listed elsewhere.

This is not inherently freeze tolerant but if you open the fitting on the pump input you can run the pump and hose dry back into the tank and then it can freeze without damage.

26ANX - DEF Auto Nozzle Package with self loading option.

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